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Riky Schellart van Deursen was an all-round versatile artist who expressed her talents in many ways and across many different mediums.

Riky was born in 1942 in The Hague Holland and her work has been exhibited over 100 times in museums, galleries, government offices and companies throughout Europe and the United States. On 13 February 2013 Riky passed away peacefully at her home in Tilburg.

She was always in high demand for commission work, which included portraits of the 1987 and 1990 Dutch governments as well as murals, sculpture, individual and family portraits.

In January 2013 Riky was knighted by her Majesty the Queen in the Order of Orange-Nassau. She received the honour for her extraordinary artistic accomplishments and merit for society.

She leaves behind three children, Sacha, Tycho and Claire and seven grand children Annabel, Zoë & Odile. Boaz, Isa & Magali. And Olivier.